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Carded batts of Jacob fleece

Hi there


I'm new to this group ansd only wish I lived nearer (I'm in South Wales).

This is just a quick forum post to ask if anyone would be interested in buying carded batts of Jacob wool for spinning or nedle felting? The wool is from a flock of  sheep who live in Cornwall, which I'm not sure is allowed in Calon wlan!

Any comments or suggestions would be most welcome.



Good evening and welcome to the forum.

Thank you for your post.

I don't think anyone has any objection to you posting fleece for sale on here. However, we do have quite a few outlets for fleece in this area, so I am not sure how well you would do.  Our primary objective is to promote local wool but please don't be put off by this. You may well find someone on here who is looking for just what you have.