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Introduce Yourself!

Hello, I am Wendy and I look after a herd of alpacas and a small herd of sheep, near Pwllheli. I do a lot of my own fleece processing and have a shop in Pwllheli selling fibre and wool gifts and pictures from local people and accessories. I stock raw fleece all the way through to hand spun yarn. I like to encourage people to have a go themselves therefore, I run various craft courses from the shop and I also teach novice spinners. I have been lucky enough to be able to obtain a variety of different local sheep fleeces to experiment with. My favourite tends to be the one I am working on at the time!

Hi Wendy, a great idea, so I have added an 'Introduce yourself board to the forum and moved your post there.

I'm Lucy I am responsible for building and maintaining the website. I also keep a flock of over 30 pet sheep near Nefyn on the Llyn Peninsula. I often have raw fleeces in lovely natural colours available. Recently I have been having a go at processing some of the fleeces from my sheep and trying my hand at felting and spinning them which has proved great fun and very rewarding!

Hello, I am Rosie and I run SAORImôr, a SAORI freestyle weaving studio in Bangor where I teach SAORI weaving and sell SAORI looms, equipment and books. I also make some SAORI clothes when I have time and sell them and other giftware in my shop.

Hi everyone, I'm Jenny ~felt maker, sculptor, doll maker, recently moved to Anglesey. I've been running popular needle felting workshops, making kits and books on felt making, exhibiting at some of the UK wool festivals, and I'd love to get to know you all, meet local fleece suppliers, makers, and find workshop venues, and spread the word about using and enjoying all things Welsh wool and being creative with fibres! Just finding my way around the website ( and North Wales) and forum, and I recently met Nicole and Lucy at the 'hairy seat' Felting workshop at Patchwork Sheep, thank you for a great day, and for all your work with this lovely website, I will help spread the word, and look forward to meeting you again at more wool gatherings.

I still don't have a proper website yet, but you can find more examples and news on these links. Thank you x