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Introduce Yourself!

Hello, I am Wendy and I look after a herd of alpacas and a small herd of sheep, near Pwllheli. I do a lot of my own fleece processing and have a shop in Pwllheli selling fibre and wool gifts and pictures from local people and accessories. I stock raw fleece all the way through to hand spun yarn. I like to encourage people to have a go themselves therefore, I run various craft courses from the shop and I also teach novice spinners. I have been lucky enough to be able to obtain a variety of different local sheep fleeces to experiment with. My favourite tends to be the one I am working on at the time!

Hi Wendy, a great idea, so I have added an 'Introduce yourself board to the forum and moved your post there.

I'm Lucy I am responsible for building and maintaining the website. I also keep a flock of over 30 pet sheep near Nefyn on the Llyn Peninsula. I often have raw fleeces in lovely natural colours available. Recently I have been having a go at processing some of the fleeces from my sheep and trying my hand at felting and spinning them which has proved great fun and very rewarding!

Hello, I am Rosie and I run SAORImôr, a SAORI freestyle weaving studio in Bangor where I teach SAORI weaving and sell SAORI looms, equipment and books. I also make some SAORI clothes when I have time and sell them and other giftware in my shop.

Hi everyone, I'm Jenny ~felt maker, sculptor, doll maker, recently moved to Anglesey. I've been running popular needle felting workshops, making kits and books on felt making, exhibiting at some of the UK wool festivals, and I'd love to get to know you all, meet local fleece suppliers, makers, and find workshop venues, and spread the word about using and enjoying all things Welsh wool and being creative with fibres! Just finding my way around the website ( and North Wales) and forum, and I recently met Nicole and Lucy at the 'hairy seat' Felting workshop at Patchwork Sheep, thank you for a great day, and for all your work with this lovely website, I will help spread the word, and look forward to meeting you again at more wool gatherings.

I still don't have a proper website yet, but you can find more examples and news on these links. Thank you x




Brooke Compton:
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Jesus Wilson:
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And to make the normal full-fledged ventilation system in the apartment of the hostel, as a rule, there is not enough place. [url=https://mplast.by/novosti/2019-04-29-pritochnaya-ventilyacziya-v-kvartire/]Modern forced ventilation in the apartment[/url]. And it is expensive. Thus, it turns out, optimum to restore once projected air flow.

Nathan Robertson:
What is it to you?:

In other words, they are applied practically everywhere where fast and powerful heating or just warm air flow is necessary. Diesel heat guns are considered as one of the most productive devices of this sort. Power of diesel fan heaters varies from – kW and can достигатькВт. In this case thermal energy which heats the air forced by the fan appears at combustion of diesel fuel. Gas heat guns can also have considerable power. So, it is possible to meet devices, up to докВт. Gas fan heaters can work as from the main, and liquefied gas. Such devices are considered as one of the most economic, especially it concerns cases when the device is planned to use long periods. Water heat guns are less powerful, in comparison with diesel and gas models, however can достигатькВт on power. Water heat guns use hot water of a system of central heating. Are some of the most low-cost on energy consumption among heat guns.

Brooke Odom:
What is this all about?:

The simplest Easy Service technology It is hygienic Five operating modes there Is an indicator of air quality of WiFi management, the shutdown Car DU panel at insufficient water level Production - % GERMANY! First: in process of evaporation of water it is necessary to add water - as a rule it is necessary делатьраз in day. Secondly: to rinse lamellar drums under a strong water jet - as a rule it is necessary делатьраз вдня. But, if the sink of air works with special branded hygienic Venta additive, then rinsing needs to be carried out less often - достаточнораз vdny. Thirdly: to do full cleaning of the air cleaner - достаточнораз in half a year. The Venta manufacturing company recommends to use branded cleaner for the Venta device. But it can be replaced with plain citric acid. Fourthly: the device has to be installed so that room air could circulate freely indoors, it means that walls and furniture have to defend from all parties of LPHWiFi a minimum насм.

To provide all this the correct care, it is necessary to be sure that the humidity is in this room at optimum level." [url=https://ultrasale.ru/item/moyka-vozduha-boneco-w200.html]boneco the air w200-sink[/url] " will keep your furniture and a covering on a floor in a remarkable state! Did you notice that you are tired at work? Fault to it not only lot of papers.

Morgan Nguyen:
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They are distinguished by high performance, low power consumption and modern appearance. Dehumidifiers provide effective removal of excess moisture from air of the served room due to its cooling below a dew point and the subsequent heating. Dehumidifiers are assembled in the case compact, not subject to corrosion, the built-in filter purifies the air passing through the dehumidifier. Adjustable blinds of an output lattice allow to change air flow direction for creation of optimal conditions in the set zone and convenient placement of dehumidifier indoors, the angle of rotation of blinds is in range В°. The built-in hygrostat operates operation of the dehumidifier. Dehumidifiers do not demand complex installation and are ready to work after connection to the power supply network and to a drainage for condensate discharge. Wall DHI DH dehumidifiers floor DH Dhprednaznacheny dehumidifiers for drainage of air in rooms of small pools and other rooms with the increased humidity. They are distinguished by high performance, low power consumption and modern appearance.

- in total voices: Be registered to vote. get acquainted with delivery terms and payments. You call: or leave the number and we will call back. Adsorptive drainage – this method is based on extraction of moisture from air due to absorption by its hygroscopic materials. Huge plus of drainage of this type is the possibility of drainage of air without its cooling or heating and also drainage of air at a temperature nizhes. (from to °C) This method is based on extraction of moisture from air due to absorption by its hygroscopic materials. To drainage this method uses adsorptive dehumidifiers, by the main element of dehumidifier [url=https://ultrasale.ru/item/adsorbcionnyy-osushitel-danvex-ad-200.html]danvex ad-200-adsorptive dehumidifier[/url] , the rotating drum (rotor) together with driving knot, the fan, a heating element and the filter is. – filter; – damp air; – rotor (drum); – the drained air; – fan; – the regenerating air; – heater; – the hot regenerating air; – the damp regenerating air. The drum is executed most often from respectively the pro-thinned-out aluminum (forming axial capillaries) which surface is covered with the moisture absorbing substance. Such design allows to raise the surface of absorption of moisture considerably. The rotor is set in motion by the electric motor by means of transfer (a thicket tape). It is subdivided into the draining and regenerating sector therefore behind a rotor the drained air is late. Turning, the drum provides hit of the moistened hygroscopic material in the regenerating sector where through a rotor there passes hot air, collecting moisture which then is removed outside. The adsorbing structure of a rotor maintains a huge number of cycles of adsorption regeneration., therefore rotors are extremely durable. Positive property of a rotor is its durability, a possibility of self-cleaning. Huge plus of drainage of this type is the possibility of drainage of air without its cooling or heating and also drainage of air at a temperature nizhes...

Christian Guerrero:
What is this all about?:
In what advantages of electric heat guns? First of all, in the price is the most available type of the similar equipment. need. During their work it is not formed exhaust gases, there is no need to carry out refueling, and unlike guns on liquid fuel, electric are easily started at low temperatures. The main shortcoming is the technology of heating – the unit is more powerful, the more electric power consumes and, respectively, is more expensive. For this reason as the main source of heat working constantly such devices are not used. IK-guns practically "brothers" of last look. Their work also requires connection to the power supply network, but instead of TENA infrared elements are responsible for heating. However, the models hard-working on gas and the diesel are presented at the market. By means of radiation they warm surrounding objects and surfaces from which, in turn, air heats up. Existence of the fan is not required here. It is possible to refer full noiselessness to pluses of similar devices.

Cost is that it becomes very frequent a decisive factor upon purchase of the equipment. How often there is a similar approach brings РІРє to acquisition of a low-quality product. But if the choice concerns products of the BALLU company such approach quite justified. At not the high cost thermal [url=https://ultrasale.ru/catalog/brand-ballu/gazovye-teplovye-pushki.html]gas heat guns of Ballu[/url] guns to Point are famous for the quality for reliability and durability. Name Weight, Moshchnost's kg, Proizvoditelnost's kW, m? / hour Price Type, Ballu Bhgsmobilnyykupit rub! Ballu Bhgsmobilnyykupit! Ballu Bhgsmobilnyykupit! Ballu Bhgsmobilnyykupit! Ballu Bhgsmobilnyykupit! Fan heaters to Point are among devices which operation is based on use of opportunities of effect of direct heating of air.

Sharon Hansen:
What's the use of worrying?:
The pallet is made of galvanized sheet steel and strengthened by steel profiles. The design of a pallet allows to provide continuous circulation of water and collecting pollution outside a finishing zone, in an installation site of filters of mechanical cleaning. LKM slime can be deleted easily manually by means of a skimmer time in day, without stopping work of a cabin. The cascade from water veils effectively purifies the soaked-up air and delays the main part of pollution, allowing to keep a long time nonwoven filters in working order. At the same time it is effective in work and is simple in service. These filters are executed in the form of cartridges. The filtering elements from nonwoven fabric with holding ß»«ß«í¡«ßÔý¯ú/m? and are established by efficiency of cleaning of % in the cartridge and change very easily. The centrifugal fan of low pressure is executed in explosion-proof execution and installed on a roof of a painting cabin. The fan consists of the case, the driving wheel, a collector (diffuser) and the electric motor. The case and a fan impeller are manufactured of steel.

Date of delivery - August. Date of shipment at own expense - August. Payment - cash, non-cash, online. Air [url=https://ultrasale.ru/item/zavesa-vozdushnaya-ballu-bhc-h10a-ps.html]veil air ballu bhc-h10a-ps[/url] Ballu BHC-HA-PS. Characteristics. Parameters of a power line, In/Hz / Rated current, АПотребляемая the power of engines, W//Kabel for connection to network, mmkhraskhod air, m/hour/Sizes of the device (ШхВхГ), mmkhkhrazmery packings (ШхВхГ), mmkhkhmassa net, a kgmassa gross, kg.