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Last year we were having trouble finding a shearer willing to do  a handful of sheep. Luckily, we did find someone. I wonder if it's worth producing a list of local shearers willing to do small flocks. I know some of you do your own and that's great but for those of us who are not that skilled and would like to have a fleece that's workable would a list be useful?

I think that is a great idea Wendy. It is really hard to find a shearer and people with small flocks often end up being done last later in the year and the fleeces suffer as a result. As you know I shear my own sheep with hand shears and I would be more than happy to offer to shear you own little flock and any other small flocks locally. Perhaps it is worth posting on our fb group asking if anyone knows of more local shearers that will do small flocks. I have struggled in the past when I was pregnant to get someone to come and shear my flock of then 30 sheep as it was considered small so I can't imagine how hard it is to get some to do really small flocks... xx

I found a great shearer to shear my little flock! Thank you Patchwork Sheep.